SEA Digital Token Chain

(Southeast Asia digital token)

Project Abstract

SEA Digital Token Chain (referred to as SEDC) is a comprehensive service platform for digital assets in Southeast Asia based on blockchain technology. The SEDC team provides a secure, trusted, and efficient third-party digital asset allocation platform for the entire Southeast Asian investment and finance market through a decentralized distributed technology architecture and blockchain thinking, and solves many of the core issues of the entire investment and finance market through the three-dimensional integrated concept of project, flow and funds.

Project | flow | fund 3d integration


The SEDC team started in October 2016 and focuses on the investment of blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies. Investment scope includes mainstream cryptocurrencies, public chain projects, blockchain application projects, side chains and sub-chains, etc. Investment methods include primary market investment, secondary market active management and quantitative trading. With its sound risk control mechanism, reasonable pricing model, and professional investment vision, the team has achieved more than 700% investment income in 8 months and outstanding results. Based on such an excellent background, the SEDC team did not stop, but boldly innovated, trying to establish a complete set of investment strategies based on the digital currency market.

SEDC Schedule

2019.8-Project officially launched

2019.12-SEDC team was established

2020.02-SEDC investment project officially launched

2020.04-Land on WBF Subsequent landings on mainstream digital asset trading platforms

2020.04-SEDC Decentralized DAPP beta is complete

2020.5-WAPN+SEDC Singapore node officially born

2020.12-SEDC Project income settlement on the chain

2021-SEDC main network officially launch

2023-SEDC becomes the most important in Southeast Asia

  • 620 MillionSoutheast Asia Population
  • 2.77 Trillion USDAnnual GDP
  • 160 Million Internet UsersInternet Users
  • 250 Million SmartphonesSmartphones
  • 27% on AverageBank Account Ownership Ratio

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