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The Problems in the Digital Currency Investment Market >>

01 The Number of Digital Currencies is Difficult to Obtain Information

02 Digital Currency Investment Operations are Cumbersome

03 Digital Currency Investment Channels are Complex

04 Single Digital Currency Investment Cycle is Uncertain

05 Digital Currency Investment Decision Costs are High

06 Barbaric Growing Industry Chaos Lacks Regulation

07 Digital Currency Investment and Traditional Physical Market Have Not Merged Yet

Based on years of understanding and experience of the investment market, the SEDC team clearly recognizes that current digital currency investment projects are far from being truly integrated with the traditional real economy. 99% of projects lack clear basic returns, which will cause a serious investment bubble. Only after the real economy is combined can digital asset projects have the dual benefits of basic returns and financial market returns, which will ensure that the project can be more durable and have more investment value.Different cities or countries will also generate different physical revenue scenarios.