WAPN WBF Asia-Pacific Ecological Node

Read  ·  Release date 2020-03-19 19:35  ·  admin
WAPN (WBF Asia Pacific Ecological Node) is the core operation node deployed by WBF Digital Asset Group in Southeast Asia. The main station is located in Singapore, it brings the world's top financial and technological professionals, relies on world-class blockchain technology services, and takes blockchain commercial applications as the strategic direction to build a smart blockchain and sharing ecosystem. And it is also committed to becoming the world's leading blockchain technology service provider.

Its main function is to conduct blockchain education, digital asset investment allocation, digital asset incubation, digital asset project roadshows and other activities for digital asset investment users in the Asia-Pacific region. The WBF Asia-Pacific ecological node currently has more than one million digital asset members and has successfully operated dozens of high-quality digital asset projects to help digital asset investors to obtain great investment returns.