SEDC Mission Vision

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Let there be no more difficult blockchain investment in the world

The SEDC team was formerly a securities and equity investment institution. After in-depth study of the blockchain, we discovered the opportunities and prospects of cryptocurrencies. We believe that the blockchain is not a traditional industry or industry, but new technological products that subvert the concept of value and trust. Our ultimate task is to use blockchain technology to create a huge ecosystem that integrates investment, entity integration, management and diversion, so that investors and participants can easily participate in it and share the convenience, value and trust brought by the ecology.
Because the entire digital currency investment market is full of uncertainty, any investment in a single digital currency may have extremely high risks. Therefore, individual investors should learn the principle of decentralized investment, that is, don't put all your eggs in one basket. 
The SEDC team believes that individual investors can find multiple digital currency projects, each investing individually after investigation, which will effectively reduce investment risks, but the entire process will take a considerable amount of time for individual investors and diversify their investments. While reducing investment risk, it also dilutes the return on investment.
"Let there be no more difficult blockchain investment in the world", this is the ultimate mission vision of the SEDC founding team to establish the project. SEDC tried to establish a digital currency market-based investment platform through a decentralized model, allowing
individual investors realize a decentralized and safe investment model. The project team from the founder to the market operation and technology development has always adhered to this mission vision, clearly realized the difficulty of achieving this goal, and prepared a large number of technical and operational support for it.