Investment Advantages Based on Decentralized Model

Read  ·  Release date 2020-03-19 20:42  ·  admin
Decentralized project investment decisions

The decentralized architecture of the blockchain is the basic attribute of the current SEDC investment platform. All investment decisions based on the SEDC platform will be stored on decentralized data nodes.

Really transparent digital currency project data presentation system

Multiple data of a digital currency investment project will be stored on the SEDC platform in a distributed manner, and all the individual investors can consult it, which includes basic information, transaction information, project ratings and other content.

SEDC-based investment token system

With the SEDC token system as the economic support, the three parties of the individual investors of SEDC ecosystem, investment executive, platform party can realize a new investment model in the digital currency field.

Three-dimensional character ecosystem

The new role ecosystem formed by individual investors, investment executives, platform players will give these three roles a new mission and cooperation

Digital currency investment fast return model

Different from the uncertain cycle of investing in a single digital currency, SEDC uses the token burning mechanism to diversify the investment returns of individual investors on all SEDC platforms, and the distribution cycle will gradually become high frequency as the platform grows.